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Heroes Helping Heroes is an organization designed to provide non-medical support to assist law enforcement officers, fire personnel and EMS personnel (collectively, “First Responders”) cope with mental health issues stemming from their employment, specifically Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) by offering them an opportunity to participate in programs with fellow First Responders suffering from PTSD or other work related mental health issues.

For many, the profession is a calling, not a job.  Unfortunately, PTSD and other related mental health issues can end their career.  Heroes Helping Heroes is dedicated to providing support for all First Responders, both active and retired.  We seek to provide early intervention and support to active First Responders, so they may continue to provide their dedicated service to the communities in which they serve. Heroes Helping Heroes also serves retired First Responders by providing them a unique opportunity to connect with others recovering from PTSD and other work related injuries.

It is estimated that approximately 3.5% of the average US population suffers from PTSD.  According to the Department of Justice, however, 15% of police officers suffer from PTSD as a result of their careers. 20% of each Firefighters and EMS suffer from PTSD.  Due to the stigma associated with PTSD among these professions, these numbers are likely low, as they rely upon self-reporting of PTSD symptoms and diagnoses. 

Heroes Helping Heroes is the first and ONLY program in the State of Minnesota that addresses these issues by providing programs and ways to help First Responders cope with mental health issues, specifically PTSD.

100% of your donations go directly back into the foundation to help further our mission and to pay for any equipment or costs associated with any of our events.

Our Team

Taking care of First Responders is our main priority

Chris Steward


Retired Minneapolis Police Sergeant. 14+ years with Minneapolis. Spent most of my career as a patrol officer in North Minneapolis.  Medically retired in 2021

Ross Taylor

Vice President

Retired Minneapolis Police Officer.  13+ years with Minneapolis. Patrol officer in North Minneapolis. 4 years as a K9 Handler.  Medically retired in 2019

Emily Williams


Currently Minneapolis Police Officer since 2014. Assigned to patrol in North Minneapolis. 

Brian Hasselman


Retired Burnsville Police Officer. 12 years with Burnsville. 8 years as a K9 handler. Medically retired in 2018. Advocate for both active and retired officers who have been injured in the line of duty. 

Shawn Laughton


Current Fire Motor Operator for the Minneapolis Fire Department since 2015. Active MN National Guard member of 16 years. Current EMT for Cuyuna Regional Medical Center in Crosby. 


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